First time

at the sauna?

So many questions and prejudices that circulate.. To help you to decide, Le Pied Marin propose you some explanations to raise the veil on a place that seems so particular… All the team is ready to welcome and accompany you in your discover. So, ready to come and visit us?

A sauna, what is it?

A sauna, masculine and /or libertine est a place of conviviality and freedom. It’s a place suitable for relaxation and meeting people. Everybody can do can do what he want to, from a simple moment of relaxation by using the facilities of the spa space, to talk around a refreshing drink or to look for a partner for a melee. But it’s always up to you to decide! Le Pied Marin incite you to bring your good mood, your appetites and your well behavior. If everything is permitted (almost), certain rules really simple allow to preserve a warm atmosphere and avoid inconvenience. (see «rules of procedure»).

Why going to the sauna?

A sauna procure, for a competitive price, some professionnal facilities which are really expensive for a “classical” access in a care center for exemple.The entry cost is low (Yes!) but you will have to accept a certain lack of privacy, on week-ends or on rush hours. And it’s often the goal! You can go to the sauna to look for your soul mate, find one or more partners for game, hug your darling, or simply relax. The sauna brings you some facilities in a secure frame, hygienic and climatised. Be careful, to pay the entry does not guarantee you to have a sexual relation.. It seems obvious but it’s always good to have a reminder to certain minds who mislead libertine behaviour and prostitution (!!!)

But, Le Pied Maris is only reserved for gays, no?

Hey no! Admittedly, Le Pied Marin opened in 2008 and it was a 100% male sauna but, the shop has progressively welcome a melting pot of genders and sexuality to answer to the demande of mixt customers. This opening has permitted the sauna to stay tuned with the evolution of mentalities and todayLe Pied Marin is a sauna sometimes “100% Guys” sometimes “Multigender” ( men and women from all sexualities. Everybody can choose his day masculine and / or libertines according to his expectations.

How does it work?

At the entrance, the personnel welcome you. Eventually we will check your age which permit to ban minor entry which is totally forbidden. To refuse the ID control leads to an impossibilité for entrance. We should precise that the informations that the team asks are totally confidentials. In the entrance, the different formulas, in fonction of the type of day, are displayed. Do not hesitate to ask questions, the team is here to answer and reassure you. The surveillance camera is not specially here to watch on you but to ensure the tranquility of the occupants. Every personne with an innapropriate behaviour (Alcoholisation, excessive noise, irritation…) will be out of the sauna.

Once your entry paid, you push the entrance door and we give you two towels and a bracelet to open and close your locker. Disposable flip flops are at your service (paying). In the limit of a reasonnable use, you can ask for new towels free of charge but the abuse will be charged on your bill. Please note, your locker number will be use to charge the other fees (drinks, food, accessories, massage…) and you will pay when you quit.

To the changing rooms: your locker is waiting for you. Use it to let all your stuffs. undress and only keep a towel on you.Swimsuit and underwear etc are not allowed for hygienereason and also because you are not at the swimming pool… avoid also to keep your jewellery and accessories which can suffer from humidity or heat. Changing rooms are the only places where the cell phone is authorised. else where, they are totally forbidden for confidentiality reasons (under penalty of exclusion)

The changing rooms are equiped by a surveillance system to avoid robs but it’s up to you to keep your keys or give us your valuable objects. As the same you should not let your stuffs without surveillance when you dress. You are in a public establishment and unfortunately , not everybody has good intentions. Direction decline every responsibility in case of your negligence.

Then, the establishment extend his arms to you, youhave the choice! Follow one of the 4 universe that Le Pied Marin offers you (Spa, relax, bar, meetings). Use the corporal care equipments, chill at the bar while having a snack, drowse in front of the TV, sleep on a bench under the sun ou look for a playing partner…In every case, the waited behavior is the same: respect others and their physical differences (everybody gets old, not everybody like sport) adopt a regular corporal hygiene with the showers, soaps and towels at your disposition, sens of responsability (sexe rimes with prudence in practicals: do not hesitate to consult the leaflets at your disposition by the SNEG and the prevention material),adopt a civil and serene behaviour (women’s and couple’s harassment, every attempt to force the locked cabins, of facilities deterioration… it harm the good atmosphere and conviviality and could lead to exclusions and / or toil a complaint with the authorities) We strictly ban drug use and alcohol (alcohol use is only permitted at the bar and during a meal and in limited quantity)

Every illicit behavior, indelicate or intrusive of which you would be victim or witness have to be signaled at the team who take the necessary measures. You are our host and that is what matters to us. 

Somebody will abuse?

Happily No! It is possible that your particular charm may provoque some appetite which leads to insisting look ats or collusive blinks. Maybe sometimes, some clients may attempt a more tactile approach, in the jacuzzi bubbles for exemple.  If you don’t want to follow, stay courteous and calm by letting them know your wish of tranquility. It won’t go further! A sauna is also a libertine place with a nude and relax clientele: it lead to game and maybe sometimes to a lack of privacy. Some places are designed for rapprochements… video room, dark part of the hammam… you should avoid them if you are not confortable! In any case – especially if you are a woman – you should be respected and let you free for your choices. Our team is here to be sure it always be!

Is it clean?

Hygiene is a commitment and Le Pied Marin is proud of an exceptional reputation. We take the necessary dispositions to assure the cleanliness of the place and facilities. Facilities are dedicated to a professionnel use. The spa, for exemple, is equipped with a sand filtration and a regulation of the level of chlorine and pH that ensures constant water cleanliness despite assiduous attendance.The general cleaning of the establishment is done every morning with some adapted professionnel product (medical range) Bin are at your disposition. Hydroalcoholic gel and disinfecting products are at your disposition in different places (WC, private rooms..) The team take care in the day, to maintain a perfect cleanliness by inspecting regular the places.

By your side, you can help us to maintain cleanliness by adopting a responsible behavior. Avoid, for exemple,  loving frolics in the spa. Cabins are waiting for you! They are Those a equipped with gel, paper, disinfecting distributors and mural bins. Do not hesitate to signal to the team some place abnormally dirty so that the necessary is done quick. 

It fucks in every corner!

Prejudices have a hard life and gossips gives pride of place of fantasies. Come and make your proper idea because reality is quite cooler! A decent behavior is always demanded in the commune places of the spa and in the dinning room. With the exception of scheduled evenings (naturists evenings), integral nudity is only allowed in the meeting cabins and facilities. Despite those precautions, maybe you will see through a door badly locked, girls and boys in game. Take it as a game! Maybe you will discover a voyeur soul. Le Pied Marin advice, if you are particularly sensitive, : don’t think outside the box and stay in the light.

Yes but I am fully straight!

So you are welcome.. More logically in the multigender days where men and women of all sexuality are melted! Women presence in libertines days of course is accomplie by a straight male clientele but nothing prevents bisexuals or homosexuals to enter by those days. The melting pot and the melting sexuality  is a speciality of Le Pied Marin. The director board does not care about your preferences but only demand you to be at ease, knowing where you are coming. Tolerance, respect, and open mind are the key word of mixed days and if you don’t want to be next to this or that clients ( bi couples, gays, lesbians, straight couples, lonely boys) it is preferable not to come.Failure of these basics rules will result in a firm and definitive exclusion.

Everybody can come? Even in ``Multigender`` days?

Yes.. Almost… Minors are obviously forbidden at any time.

Then, women only come on “multigender” days. Men can a priori come every days but should always know the theme day (100% guys or multigender mode)

Admission rules in “multigender” days are really specifics. Lonely men who sollicitâtes the entrance should present an ID card with picture to have a membre card which can, at any moment, be definitely blocked if their behaviour is not respectful (insisting behaviour on women, couples and lonely boys in the sauna) In order to preserve the balance between women and men in the sauna on the same day, our team can refuse the entrance or to deliver a membre card without any justification. Come on with a friend is the key to come in at any moment.

Last advice: keep in mind that always have a respectful libertine attitude during the time in our company… And everything will be fine!