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Rules of procedure

he management reserves the right of entry. Access is strictly prohibited for minors. Staff are entitled to request proof of identity in case of doubt. People showing misconduct (indecent, aggressive or noisy behavior) or in a state of drunkenness will be turned away. You are informed that this establishment is placed under video surveillance in the following areas: entrance hall, changing rooms, cash desk and bar room.


All personal belongings are stored in a locker room. Check that it is properly closed and please do not misplace the key during the time you spend in the establishment (the loss of a bracelet and its key will be charged). Do not hesitate to entrust us with your valuables and documents for safekeeping. The Management declines all responsibility in the event of the theft of objects left unattended or personal effects that are not locked in your locker room or that escape your vigilance.


It is forbidden to bring food or drink into the premises of the establishment. The consumption of alcoholic beverages discreetly introduced is strictly prohibited, under penalty of permanent exclusion. In accordance with the law, smoking is prohibited in the establishment. Any person introducing an illicit product into the establishment, consuming an illicit product, engaging in prostitution will be immediately reported to the police. Anyone seeking to facilitate any of these activities will be permanently barred. For reasons of discretion and confidentiality, the use of smartphones is strictly prohibited in the establishment, outside the changing rooms to consult your messages or make a call discreetly. Any taking of photographs in the establishment or any publication/circulation of photographs of the establishment and its customers without the agreement of the management will be the subject of a complaint.

The sauna, the hammam, the jacuzzi and the UV bench are facilities which may be contraindicated depending on your state of health. It is your responsibility to read and comply with the terms of use and the precautions for use displayed in front of each piece of equipment. The presence of water in the establishment can sometimes make the floors and stairs very slippery. Be careful, take your time and don’t hesitate to get suitable shoes from reception (disposable flip-flops for a fee). Showering is mandatory before using the facilities. Towels are compulsory in the common areas of our premises (except specific evenings). Before using the spa, in particular, a shower and a good soaping of the body are mandatory for the respect of everyone. Please also refrain from engaging in sexual activity out of respect for other bathers.


Alcohol and sweating activities (sauna/hammam) do not always go well together. In addition, the establishment only has a small catering license. As a result, light alcohol (beer, wine, champagne) is only offered as an accompaniment to meals and in limited quantities, always at the discretion of our staff.


Finally, we ask you to show respect, tolerance and good manners but also discretion in this establishment. Nothing is obligatory during the meetings that you could have. Know how to express and listen to desires and limits with your partner(s). Strict respect for women and respect for everyone’s morals are basic principles in the establishment.


Failure to comply with these basic correction and hygiene measures may result in a permanent entry ban. For the well-being of all, the staff is instructed to strictly enforce these rules and asks you to report any inappropriate behavior. We ask you, finally, not to stay in front of the establishment when you leave and to do so discreetly so as not to disturb the neighborhood.


We thank you for your understanding and wish you a pleasant time of relaxation and conviviality among us!