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4 to 5 hours of daily cleaning in the morning by our team on every facilities, traffic and places of conviviality/ rest with some specifics disinfecting products  (medical range of bactericidal, virucidal and fungicide..). Those ranges maintain the cleanliness of the local all day with some regular rounds in the sauna (by spraying the scents of eucalyptus and deodorant in the facilities and the changing rooms).

Some pools equipments suitable for frequent attendance in a humid environment (Hygienic polyurethane and stainless bracelets, ventilated individuals changing rooms, in laminated wood non-slip and anti-microbial boards the floor of wet parts, dehumidifier / air conditioning maintained)

Some hugs corner each equiped with a matress with a coating suitable for a regular cleaning, with a desinfecting spray, intimate gel distributor, disposable paper and a bin.

Provision of, for the clients, Hydroalcoholic gel distributors in the corridors and selling of disposables flip flops.

Spa followed by the Regional Health Agency is équipe of a regulation Chlorine/Ph for a water analysed and disinfected permanently, coupled with a disinfecting by UV-C light to inactivate the micro-organisms.